Not only do we offer pack pricing on all of sublimation blanks but we now offer a rewards points program. For every dollar you send, you get 1 point. These points then can be used to buy a gift certificate that can be applied to your next purchase. The more you buy with us, the more you save!

How it works:

Step 1: Create your account - You have to have an account with us to start earning your points. Click Here to create your account

Step 2: Purchase your blanks while logged in to your account - With each purchase the point will be applied to your account.

Step 3: Redeem your points - When you have earned enough points (500), just use those points to purchase a Gift Certificate. Go to the Gift Certificate category, and click the "redeem this item for xxxx points". This will insure that your points are used to purchase the Gift Certificate. You will receive a Gift Certificate number via email once you complete the checkout process.  

Step 4: Redeem your Gift Certificate-  You can use a Gift Certificate number in the "apply coupons" section to save on your next purchase. ***Please note, gift certificate redemptions cannot be completed in the same transaction that you purchase them. This means you would need to use your gift certificate on your next purchase. 

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